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Taxes and Benefits

To register to have your taxes filed with Sunrise, please complete the registration process.

Have questions about filing? Take a look at our FAQ's and tips & tricks videos for more information below.

Sunrise is honored to lead the low-income Taxation and Benefits programming in Calgary, in partnership with Aspire, and supported by the United Way of Calgary and Area.

Our tax filing services are free for people who are living on a low income and our volunteers can only file simple Alberta personal taxes.

How long will it take to file with Sunrise?

Once you have completed your registration and provided Sunrise with copies of your tax documents, it will be 1-2 weeks before we connect with you to book your tax filing appointment.

What do you need to file?

Once you have submitted your registration, you will need to provide Sunrise with the following documents.

  1. A copy of tax documents (E.g. T4's), that can be emailed to Sunrise at info@sunriselink.org.

  2. A copy of your Photo ID.

  3. Your Social insurance number.

  4. Access to a telephone, or computer that has voice or video conference capabilities.

Who is eligible to file with Sunrise?

To be eligible to file with Sunrise through our tax clinics, you need to be living on a low income. Refer to the LICO (Low-Income Cut Off) chart below to see if you qualify.

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Video Resources

Sunrise would like to thank Service Canada - New Horizons for Seniors Program – Western-Territories Region, for the recent funding for our new 2021 Seniors Taxes and Benefits Program.


This funding enabled Sunrise to recruit and train senior volunteers for our Taxation and Benefits program. It also enables us to update and provide new technology to seniors to not only file their taxes, but to also provide technology so they can connect with family and friends.