Success Stories

We share hope and inspiration with our clients so they know they are not alone. We want our clients to know that other people have experienced similar issues and have been successful in overcoming their challenges.


Sunrise is here to provide information¸ resources¸ and support to help people face life’s challenges. With our help¸ many individuals and families have successfully overcome their crises. Sunrise is working to help people overcome their challenges, engage isolated families and build a stronger community for us all.

Gabriel's Story:

Gabriel, a 36 year old single father of four, first learned about Sunrise Community Link two years ago from his sister, and he has been coming ever since for support for his young family. Much has changed in the two years that Gabriel has been with Sunrise. “I felt great when I last visited, and I am happy that I received the services that I did.” Bicycles, food, and Christmas gifts are but a few of the services Gabriel received through Sunrise. Gabriel captures our culture well when he describes meeting “great and kind people at Sunrise [who] have been very helpful in guiding me towards a secure future.”

One thing that makes Gabriel stand apart is his love for entertaining guests. He continues to show genuine love and dedication towards his children; it is clear that they are his first priority. He describes himself as a “loving, caring father” and “a perfectionist.”

Gabriel wants other people to know more about employment and training options that are available in Calgary because those things were “a great help for me in building up my profile and trying to stand on my own feet again.” Gabriel is now going to school and getting training for the work he wants to do. This makes him “happy and content” because he is able to secure future employability.

There is much more that can be said about Gabriel, but most importantly his outlook on life is more positive since returning to school and work training. Gabriel and his family have a bright future ahead of them.  

Joanna's Story:

Joanna first came to Sunrise Community Link after hearing about us from another resource worker and she has been utilizing the supports and services offered by Sunrise for the past two years, specifically with food bank referrals, and assistance with filing her taxes.

Although Joanna wasn’t sure what to expect from Sunrise before she came in, she has gotten to know us well and always tells people who she thinks may need help to come to Sunrise. Joanna describes Sunrise staff as “very good people who take that extra step to help everybody in need”.

Joanna further shares, “since I’ve been at Sunrise, I’ve gotten very fond of a beautiful person and her name is Jean Gould [Community Advocate]. She has helped me in a lot of ways such as clothing, furniture, food, taxes, baby clothes, accessories, etc.  The best thing about coming to Sunrise is the hospitality and friendship we’ve created.  I’m very grateful for Sunrise”. 

Joanna now feels more positive about her struggles that she may go through knowing she has the support to continue with her life.  “This helps me stay positive”. Joanna was assisted this year by our tax volunteer, Doug, to complete 8 years of tax returns and to access the money owing to her by the Government of Canada. These are small steps she is taking to create a better future for herself and her children. Joanna is an example of someone who reached out for help, built a relationship with us, and is moving in the direction of taking control of her life.