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How to make filing your tax returns a little less taxing

Sunrise Community Link is a registered non-profit organization, operating in the South East neighborhoods of Calgary, Alberta. With the help of our amazing volunteers, and partnership with United Way Calgary and Area we have been running low income tax clinics to assist people with simple personal taxes.

This has been a great opportunity to assist people with filing their taxes and ensuring that people are receiving all of the benefits they are entitled to. Oftentimes the people who visit us may otherwise not be able to afford or know how to file their taxes, so our clinics are a great opportunity to help.

The tax clinics have been run out of the Sunrise Community Link Resource Centre, located at 3303 17 Avenue SE, Calgary. We close for Basic Needs Referrals for the day and assist individuals from all over Calgary with filing their taxes.

We have our next tax clinics scheduled for Wednesday 13 June, Wednesday 25 July, and Monday 30 July. These are running from 10am to 3pm; however we recommend that you arrive early to register and ensure that we can see you.

We really want to make sure that everyone is getting any benefits that they are owed and want to help remove any barriers to achieving that. People are often scared to file their taxes when living on a low income, thinking that they owe the government money, when in actual fact the reverse is often the case. The tax refunds and benefits owed to some people can make a real difference when living on a low income.

Throughout February, March, April and May we have run 15 tax clinics. During these clinics our staff and volunteers have filed 413 tax returns for low income Calgarians. 121 people indicated during our tax clinics that they would be interested in learning more about managing their finances.

Sunrise has programs to assist community members beyond simply filing their taxes, such as Tax Time Savings (ending June 30th 2018) or our Sunrise Savings program. Our Community Advocates are also able to assist with financial coaching, helping you to set and stick to a budget, discuss ways to reduce debt, or even means of increasing your credit score.

If you live within the Greater Forest Lawn area and would like to learn more about how we can provide help for today and provide hope for tomorrow, please call us on (403) 204-8280, or pop in to see us during our drop-in hours.

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