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KMITT is a social enterprise helping to raise awareness about poverty in the Greater Forest Lawn area.


We have a group of talented volunteers who lovingly hand-knit and crochet mitts, toques, scarves and other warm winter items! Our mission is simple: for every item sold, another item is donated to someone else in need. All proceeds are reinvested back into the KMITT program in order to keep it self-sustainable.

Meeting on a weekly basis at Sunrise, the KMITT program is volunteer run and provides its members the opportunity to engage in a social cause that they feel passionate about.


Our volunteers personally know what it is like to struggle in life – especially when it comes to poverty. This personal connection gives them more of a reason to give back to their community in a meaningful way. In addition, KMITT has also helped our volunteers build long-lasting friendships and social support networks. It empowers them to become leaders within and outside the group, and most importantly - build a strong sense of community.

For more information on how to take part in KMITT, please contact Sunrise on (403) 204-8280.

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