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The SE Calgary, Sunrise and BowWest Community Resource Centres are seeking donations to support providing essential needs items and technology to Calgarians living on low incomes, who are experiencing a lack of connection due to isolation/quarantine, or experiencing financial difficulty due to lay-offs and tough economic times.

Our Resource Centres collectively serve over eight thousand Calgarians with basic needs support and opportunities to move out of poverty. We are looking to raise $20,000 to be used by all three of our centres and their satellite locations across our city.

Funding will be used to provide low-income families with assistance in:

  • Diapers, formula and baby food

  • Groceries

  • Medications/prescriptions

  • Managing household bills

  • Paying rent

  • Accessing technology

  • Accessing the internet

Your donation will be used to deliver grocery gift-cards to citizens, to purchase and deliver essential items like medications to citizens in our communities, or to pay businesses, landlords and vendors for basic needs or technology and telecommunications items on behalf of Calgarians living on low incomes.


Providing these necessities will ensure that despite the pandemic, despite the economics, our most vulnerable citizens are receiving what they need during a particularly challenging time. If you have the means to donate, we encourage you to give any amount that you can so that we can reach our goal and make a difference in Calgary.