Community Impacts

Although rich in diversity, the communities we serve include some of the most economically challenged neighborhoods in Calgary. Many of our clients confront the realities of poverty on a daily basis, from being unable to make their rent payment, to something as basic as struggling to put food on the table for their families. Sunrise works with individuals and families to provide assistance with basic needs, referrals, and facilitate appointments for more in-depth problem-solving and systems navigation.


Every year Sunrise responds to thousands of visits and calls from people who are experiencing poverty or crisis within Calgary. We assist them with resources and supports for many things such as food‚ clothing‚ furniture‚ housing‚ counseling‚ support, and advocacy.


We know we have been successful when our clients say things like:


·         “We have gotten new beds and a warm place to live along with new furniture; A new start.”

·         “… immediate needs for food were met promptly and professionally – staff are first rate!”

·         “Sunrise helped find different services to help with my children’s mental health and find programs to help with                      counseling.”

·         “The programs help me do better for myself and family.”

·         “I was able to get referrals to other services I didn’t know about. Thank you very much!”


Here's some of the highlights of the great work we did in the 2018-2019 year:

Sunrise Annual Report 2018-2019.png