Annual Report 2018-2019

Over the last year Sunrise Community Link has achieved some amazing things, thanks to the support and hard work of our funders, donors, partners, volunteers, and staff.

Take a look through a review of our year, learn a bit about Sunrise Community Link, or peruse our financial statements if you're more of a numbers person!

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President’s Report


Reflecting back on this past year, the word that comes to mind is “resilience”. I think of the resiliency of the community members we serve as they continue to invite us along on their journeys through individual, family and community growth. Of the resilience demonstrated by our staff and volunteers as they work to build and maintain supports and opportunities for community members. All of this in the midst of what has been a year of internal shifts, as well as external changes to our partner and funding landscape.

The result of this resiliency is our ongoing ability to positively impact the lives of the community members we work with. We continue to balance assisting individuals and families in meeting their basic needs, with also connecting them to programs and services that will address underlying issues of concern for them. In the past year our advocates have provided over 3000 referrals to services, while providing individualized and client driven support to over 2800 individuals and families. We know that food remains a startlingly high concern for community members, making up over 1500 of our referrals. These basic needs services are accompanied however, by over 200 advocacy referrals, as well as our ongoing work on financial empowerment and community development. For example, Sunrise facilitated the filing of over 7000 tax returns, leading to 3.3 million in refunds and individuals accessing over $45 million in benefits help increase financial sustainability of their households. Programs like Sunrise $avings also contributed to over $11K in matched savings for graduates and the purchase of 19 assets.


Partnerships have continued to be a focus of our work. Our ongoing work with Action Dignity on community development in Greater Forest Lawn and our Community Hubs work with BowWest are examples of how collaboration deepens and broadens the impact of our work. In total we partnered with over 100 different organizations to deliver our outcomes over the past year.

While it’s been another year of success and strategic learning for Sunrise, there have also been challenges. We continue to seek new ways to meet our community members’ needs amidst funding uncertainty. There is also a need to balance necessary shifts in how we serve our communities with ensuring we remain true to the core values that have served Sunrise so well – integrity, empathy, respect and dignity, collaboration, pride in our contributions to community, and honouring the people we work with.

To our dedicated and passionate staff – thank you for continuing on this journey with us. Your commitment to our work and the communities we serve is fundamental to our success.

To our amazing volunteers- you continue to be a shining example of community resilience and pride. Thank you to all of those individuals who have generously given their time and talent through their volunteer efforts this year.

To the individuals and families we have the honour of working with, supporting and encouraging; we are continually amazed by your resilience and courage. Thank you for trusting the team of Sunrise Community Link and sharing your lives with us.

Thank you to everyone who has come out tonight to celebrate our collective achievements and support the work we are doing at Sunrise!

Martha Fanjoy, President of the Board

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Sunrise Financial Statement

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